Meg Amor


I am available for content editing and proofreading for any manuscripts or documents. The editing process is very satisfying for me. I want to enhance an authors work, not butcher it. I never change your style. I only edit for content, flow, repeated words, a possible recommendation for an overused word etc.

My view on editing and editors is this. They’re there to take a lovely chunk of story, then cut and polish it into the sparkling gem it should be.


I know people are often very nervous around editors and I do understand why. The voice of the writer is what makes any author stand out from another. Your voice is unique and I want it to be heard in the manuscript as much as you do. I’m happy to edit any kind of story, it doesn’t have to be in my own genre. I’m flexible in what I will take on. I use a standard U.S. publishing house style, using track changes in Word. I first do a content edit, going back and forth with the author as many times as necessary, until we’re both happy. Then a line edit for final grammar, punctuation and the “fiddly” bits. Finally, I always do a read through out loud. This is where you’ll pick up any last minute flow problems, repeated words, extra small words that have been left in or out. This is your galley or proofreading part of the edit from me.

Once these processes are done, the manuscript should be clean and tight. I edit and proofread for authors who are publishing, and also submissions to publishing houses. I will work with an author to do a submission letter for a house.

I am a full time writer, published with Loose Id Publishing and Muse It Up Publishing. I’m used to U.S house style, but also edit for an English and Australian writer and will use U.K. or U.S English and styles as required. I’m fast and efficient, and love the process of editing. I promise I’m not scary or mean. ? Because I’m a writer myself, I know what it’s like to have your baby in someone else’s hands. I tread gently. I can provide recommendations from clients.


5.00 per 1000 words
50.00 per 10K words
500.00 per 100K words

I’m happy to do a manuscript of any size.
A 100K MS will take me approximately 2 to 3 weeks if that gives you an idea.
I will have a 10K MS back to you within 48 hours depending on my workload.

I am happy to edit a few pages of any work so you can get a feel for my editing style and whether it will work for you.

25.00 for a submission letter to a publisher.
I make sure it’s laid out correctly and has the relevant information they’re looking for
Arrangements for payment can be made through Paypal or a money order can be sent.

Please contact me:
Meg Amor
jocnz (at)