Zoë Mullins

A prolific writer, even in elementary school, she was jotting down poems and stories whenever she had the chance – usually during math class. After many years of working in corporate communications, Zoë decided in 2015 it was time to focus her energy on the kind of writing she loved – hot romances with strong, alpha heroes and quirky, independent heroines.

Her first novel – Winning Cait– was published in August 2015. It became the first book in the Men of Steele series – featuring characters involved with the Steele Family Construction company in St. Augustin. Two other books in the series followed – Tempting Sophie and Finding Dani – and a spin-off series of novellas, the first which was released in June 2017 – Invitation to Play. Each story is a standalone and includes a happy ending, but you will get to know the characters more if you read them all (and in order).

 In addition to the Men of Steele, Zoë has two standalone MMF novellas – A Risk Worth Taking (now available) and Eighty-One Days (available in August 2017 at www.pridepublishing.com)

Zoë’s husband, of nearly 20 years, threw his full support behind her dream and loves to tell people his wife is a romance author. They live in Atlantic Canada with their two crazy collies. When not at her computer, you will find Zoë chasing after her muddy dogs, working in the garden or helping to renovate their money-pit of a house.

For more info check out www.zoemullins.ca or sign up for her newsletter at http://ow.ly/9Jfg30bx5DY

Reader Advisory:  Zoë writes erotic romance so grab a glass of wine, sit back and relax. These stories contain hot heroes, independent heroines and some very naughty games in the bedroom (and elsewhere). Tonight no one goes home unsatisfied. Graphic sexual language and scenes are to be expected.


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Invitation to Play – A Men of Steele Novella

Deacon wasn’t the jealous type. Sharing his sub had been part of their relationship, especially before they were married. Then Deacon and Sherri met Kai, the intriguing ex-Air Force Captain turned tattoo artist and they offer him an invitation to their bed.

Kai didn’t care if people thought he was gay, but having his father – the Colonel – shame him publicly for it was more than Kai could take. He moved across the country to start an honest life. He didn’t expect that life would include a new relationship.

He isn’t sure where he fits into Deacon and Sherri’s relationship – they didn’t need a bisexual Dom with a chip on his shoulder… or did they?   (BDSM, MMF)



 Eighty-One Days

Eric didn’t know Luke would be heartbroken when he left town to join a hotshot forest fire crew in Western Canada. They’d been best friends since kindergarten, had gone to school together, had bought their first car and a home together, and had shared their lovers. At some point, friendship had turned to love.

Luke didn’t expect that when he’d brought his crazy cat in for stitches that his heart that would be mended by the sassy new veterinarian. Jenna may have been new in town but she’d heard the rumors and she liked the carnal fantasies he spun for her in bed of he and his best friend sharing her.

Of course, that was before Eric’s job brought him home and back into their lives.

Jenna isn’t sure she can be what they need, but she’s not going give up without a fight. Even if that means inviting the sexy firefighter to share their bed. Surely there is enough love to go around.   (MMF Novella)

Buy now at www.pride-publishing.com




Winning Cait – Book One

When Jackson walks into her studio it’s like the years and mistakes that separated them just slip away.  Fate has given them a second chance. He will use it to win her submission. (BDSM, MF)

Tempting Sophie – Book Two

Ben says he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win back Sophie’s love, but what if it’s not enough. What Sophie needs will push Ben out of his comfort zone, and onto a whole new level of trust. (BDSM, MMF)

Finding Dani – Book Three

Sexy. Smart. Successful. Sayid should be happy but he doesn’t understand what that means until he meets her. Dani isn’t what he’s looking for, but she may be just what the uptight doctor needs. (BDSM, MF)





A Risk Worth Taking (novella)

Trouble was Travis’ middle name, and he had dragged Matt into enough of it over the years. Now that Travis is staying with Matt and his girlfriend, there’s no telling the trouble the three of them will get up to together.  (MMF)