Edit Ninja

Eager to submit or self-publish? Let the Edit Ninja sharpen your manuscript without changing your voice. I will provide a hard copy edit using Track Changes in Word that will consist of two to three passes guaranteed to make your story shine. During the first pass, I will also catch continuity errors and provide recommendations about how you can make your story better.

I normally charge $1.50 per page ($600 for a 400-page full-length manuscript), but will charge only $1.25 per page for TRS Featured Authors ($500 for a full-length manuscript). This price is based on a double-spaced manuscript with approximately 250 words per page. Query and cover letters are $25 each.

My turn-around time will depend upon how long your manuscript is and how busy I am. All manuscripts must be in either .doc or .docx format, and you must use Microsoft Word and be familiar with Track Changes. We will communicate and exchange files via email. If a fourth pass is required on any editing job, I will charge extra.

My qualifications:

I have published twenty-five romantic suspense novels and novellas with several different publishers, with other works in progress. In addition, over the past fifteen years, I have edited for two different small press publishers and have done freelance editing in many different genres, including non-fiction. I will edit all genres of fiction and non-fiction using the Chicago Manual of Style as my main frame of reference.

You may contact me at editninja(at)comcast.net.