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Rapture at Midnight, The Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series, Book 1
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Duration: Permanently
Description: It is a paranormal urban fantasy romance with hot sex scenes.

His Human Slave by Renee Rose
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Duration: Permanently
Description: This is book one in a series but it is a STAND-ALONE, HEA guaranteed!

First chapter of “Saving Hope,” a thriller set in Russia
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Duration: Indefinite
Description: This is the first chapter of the award-winning Russian thriller, “Saving Hope.” Steve Berry called it “a tantalizing premise that deals with the most basic of emotions.” Check it out today!

THE FIRST SENTENCE – A Collection of Romance Novellas
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Duration: Permanently Free
Description: The premise: That if 5 authors start with the same sentence, they will all write vastly different stories. The results: made of awesome. From contemporary to futuristic, these novellas have a little bit of everything, but most especially—love-filled happy endings.

Featuring Misty Simon, Victoria Smith, Natalie J. Damschroder, and Vicky Burkholder

Debate With A Vampire by Liese Sherwood-Fabre
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Duration: Permanently free
Description: Horror short story “Debate with a Vampire.” Additional short story available through newsletter sign-up on Website:

The Panty Affair by Samara King
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Duration: Unlimited to subscribers of Samara’s newsletter
Description: Have you subscribed to On A Seductive Note? Receive a free copy of Samara King’s novella, The Panty Affair.

Lingerie Designer Reese Simmons left her one-time lover, business magnate Liam Avery, but when a chance to grow her design company comes along and taking him up on an indecent proposal may be just the ticket to get him out of her system.

Liam Avery is a man who believes in taking risks and the only risk he is not willing to take is having Reese walk out of his life again. he’ll do anything he can to make sure that doesn’t happen, even offer her an indecent proposal for a night of wild sex, one strip of lace at a time!

SEAL of Her DREAMs (SEALs of Coronado)
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Duration: Forever free
Description: The info on how readers can get their free copy of SEAL of Her Dreams is on the first page of my website.

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Duration: Forever free
Description: This book if the first book in the SEALs of Coronado Series and it’s perma free on all vendors.

Out of Control by Tory Richards
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Duration: Forever
Description: Logan Knight is recuperating from a fire that killed his two best friends. Libby Turner is on a mission to keep her beloved grandmother out of an assisted living facility. From the moment the two meet, sparks fly and they can’t keep their hands off each other. Can they stick to their plan of keeping their relationship strictly sexual or do they give in to the love that claims their hearts?

The Cowboy Way by Tory Richards
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Duration: Forever
Description: Arson, murder, an escaped convict intent on revenge, and a scorned ex-lover complicate the lives of a rancher’s daughter, and the sexy, bull-headed foreman who wants her for his own.

All The Right Moves by Tory Richards
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Duration: Forever
Description: After discovering one of her patients dead in her office, Doctor Annie McCall finds herself on the run for her life. Detective Marshall Thomas isn’t afraid to break the rules to protect her and offers her refuge. The only problem is who’ll protect Annie from him?

Nothing But Trouble by Tory Richards
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Duration: Forever
Description: A senator arranges for his daughter, Sophie to be kidnapped on the eve of her wedding. She turns out to be more trouble than her abductor, Brent, anticipated. Spirited and resourceful, he has his hands full. In the meantime, their intense attraction to each other only adds further complications.

 The Enslavement of Janet (based on characters from the ReScue Series) (ebook)
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Duration: Forever
Description: If she thought she’d have it easy, she was dead wrong. Leon Sterling is inflexible when it comes to his slaves, as Sean Davis well knows. Only now, Sean is his fellow master, Leon’s mastery over him having turned to fiery love during the first two books of the ReScue Series, Re-Scue and Tasting Leon’s Mark. So there’ll be no pity for Janet Ramsey, nothing except total surrender will do for her two demanding Doms. But if she’s ready for them, is she also ready for the wolves that her masters will command her to serve?

Printable Bookmark
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Duration: Forever Free
Description:  Readers can download and print a bookmark from Bringer of Chaos, by Kayelle Allen. Original art by Jamin Allen (Nimajination Studios).

Loco, Razer 8 by P.T. Macias
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Duration: Forever Free!
Description: Loco aka Roberto De Leon

The hard driven, ambitious delta force elite operative is immune to women. His heart has been destroyed by a treacherous woman and the unexpected loss of his family. These events have driven him nearly into insanity. The hard knocks in life propel him into grasping his emotions, his thoughts, and his physical condition. He focused on his goal. Loco doesn’t allow any type of distractions or obstacles to stop him. His actions and recklessness have earned him his nickname, Loco.

The Infinite power, Razer 8 operatives, are united and linked for infinity. His team mates recognize his pain, anger, and strength is derived from the intense impotency he feels from his loss.

The unexpected mission and unexpected encounter with his soul mate, tests his strength. His mind, heart, and soul recognize his love even before the actual encounter. The ruthless criminals threaten to harm his soul mate, pushing and transforming him into a fearless warrior.

Razer 8 takes you into the world of organized crime, kidnapping, politics, military romance and suspense thriller. Razer 8 Delta Force operatives are full of passion. Enjoy these amazing passionate men, a thrilling ride, and a dash of love!

The Teacher’s Billionaire by Christina Tetreault
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Duration: Forever free!
Description: The Teacher’s Billionaire is book 1 in my series The Sherbrookes of Newport.

This book was originally released in March 2012 and has over 400 five star reviews. It has been re-released with new scenes.

Fulfilled, an erotic short story by Lynda Bailey

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Duration: Forever free!
Description: Piper Vaughn has known Mark Lundgren since she was a kid and always figured they’d end up together. That is until she meets Domingo Cardoza.
Now two incredibly virile men are vying for her affections. How can she possibly choose between them? Can’t they just all get along…together?