JoAnne Myers


About the Author

JoAnne currently lives in Irving, TX. and is a Recording Arts graduate. Besides being a cross-genre writer JoAnne canvas paints and writes alternative song lyrics. JoAnne is currently working on her 8th paperback entitled “Murder Most Foul 2: Batya” and her 9th entitled “Invaded by the Galaxy”, which is a SyFy comedy.




Twisted Love

A gripping collection of 12 crime cases featuring riveting stories of obsession, lust, murder, secret lives, and sexual depravity. It showcases the chilling reality that homicide investigators know all too well; the last face most murder victims see is not that of a stranger, but of someone familiar.

12 True Stories, including:

The Possession

When the young Bridgette Baalu moves to New York, she feels she is finally free from her father’s sexual abuse, but she is wrong. When she discovers her fathers perverted desires are now geared toward her young nieces, she does a “Lorena Bobbitt” on her fifty-eight year old father Eric.

Bridgett’s life from then on becomes a roller coaster ride with everyone taking sides.
The Possession is the story of one woman’s fight to free herself from the chains of long term abuse while learning to love herself.

All for the Family

When young bride twenty-one year old Casey discovers her bridegroom is being brought up on rape charges, she concocts the plan of faking Wayne’s death and collecting his life insurance, believing the two will live happily ever after in another state until things go terrible wrong.

This story deals with the twisted love and greed two people had for one another and the devastating consequences caused by their wrong and gruesome choices.

Mail Order Murder

When eighteen year old mail order bride Anna Tonkov came to the U.S. from Russian, little did the blonde beauty know, that the man she married and who swore to love and protect her, wanted her dead. When Anna’s parents cannot contact their daughter, they begin an odyssey of finding the truth, and bringing their daughter’s killer to justice. This story is about persons from different cultures having the same goal-solving a murder and bringing closure to a family.

Plus 9 other hair-raising true stories

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