Kali & Grayson
Author name: Paige Tyler
Published by: Paige Tyler
Release date: 9/10.21

Blurb/Back cover copy: Fortune and fame come with a price…

But is it more than she’s willing to pay?

Kali Lang’s life couldn’t get much better. Her internet company Glossed & Glammed is practically an overnight sensation, and she is the “It” girl of makeup and fashion tutorials, with over two million followers. The flip side of that? She can’t go out in public without being mobbed by fans, and there’s no place except home where she can just be plain Kali. And that makes it hard to meet guys. When was the last time she had a date?

When a chance meeting literally has her falling into the arms of Grayson Hill – the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen – Kali realizes that while she might \”have it all\”, she’s still missing something very important in her life: Love. But what man wants to be called arm-candy and put up with the constant social media scrutiny that is Kali’s life? Unfortunately, not Grayson, and she can’t blame him. Even though they are quickly falling for each other, he’s not sure living life under the media’s microscope is something he can do.

Can a straight-laced lawyer and a trendy fashion influencer find a way to compromise, or is their love an epic fail?

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