Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen and Misbehaving Robots

My homeworld is full of Misbehaving Robots, Immortal Gamers, and Warriors Who Purr

Kayelle Allen: a homeworld full of Misbehaving Robots, Immortal Gamers, and Warriors Who Purr…among other things! Welcome. I’m Science Fiction author Kayelle Allen. I did a tour in the US Navy, where I climbed around airplanes fixing black boxes that helped pilots find their way home. I wrote my first novel at 18 but to this day, it’s hidden under my bed, where (trust me) it will remain. Gems from it, however, launched several series in my galaxy-wide universe of stories. From childhood, I was the victim of an overactive imagination and inherited the Irish gift of gab from my mother. From my father, I got a healthy respect for mechanical things. Small wonder I write Science Fiction and Fantasy peopled with misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, role playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr.

I’m a member of RomVets, a group of military and former military women who write romance. In 2014, I was awarded an honorary lifetime membership to the OutlantaCon Science Fiction Convention for support of the convention since its debut. I founded Marketing for Romance Writers (more about them below), and today it has over 7k members. I also lead a writer’s group in my community. Now that I’m retired, I stay busier than ever. I’ve been married so long I’m tenured.

I am a graphic artist as a hobby. Most of the art and banners on this site and in my social media were created by me, including my logo. I have a great design team that I also work with, commissioning special pieces. Check out their pages. Jamin (Volgraza) and Livius (Nano-Core) have huge amounts of talent. I am also privileged to work with a cosplayer who portrays my immortal king, Pietas. Take a moment to check out Nik Nitsvetov’samazing work.

To bring attention to other sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, and sci fi romance authors, I share their work with my readers, especially on Twitter. Check out my Sci Fi list there. I also offer members of my reader group an exclusive list of authors, with all their social media, website, and genre information included. Sign up for that here. And if you want to see a great list of books by those authors, take a look at my Amazon Recommendations.