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We’re bringing back featured member pages at TRS.

FREE/Included with featured membership, a single author info page that’s all yours at TRS and that we’ll update on request. The link would be Best of all? The page would be using our premium WordPress theme and formatted for all screen sizes — desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. (And most web traffic these days comes from mobile devices.)



Will I be able to update my member page myself?

No. But you can request updates for the page at any time.

What can I put on my page?

Anything you like to promote yourself and your books. Must be legal.

Can I customize my page — different graphic/header?

At this time, no. The page will offer the graphic/header of our primary TRS site. The content, however, will be all yours.

If I cancel my featured membership, does that cancel my page/site?

Since the member page is a feature of the membership, it is also cancelled.

Complete the request form below if you’re interested in any of these, and we’ll get started.


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