New Year Party 2018

Ring in the new year with us. We’re giving away an Amazon gift ecard (value $100) to one lucky reader. We’re giving away a lot of other prizes too!

Where is it going to be held?

The event will be held at our party site.

When is it going to be held?

From January 2nd through Midnight EST January 7, 2018.

When will the prizes be given out?

The winner of the gift card will be selected at random on November 1st. Other prizes from TRS, its featured authors, and all other participating authors will be assigned at each donor’s earliest convenience following the end of the event.

Okay so HOW do I enter for the gift card?

Complete the entry form at the party site for the gift card giveaway and you will be entered into the drawing for the gift card.

How do I enter for the other prizes?

For other prizes donated by TRS, some of its featured authors and other participating authors, there will be easy to use giveaway forms at the party site. Other authors will be awarding prizes to those who comment on their posts. There may be other contests/chance to win prizes as outlined by the individual author or participant.

Is this only open to TRS featured member authors?

No, the event is open to all authors be they members of TRS or not. Authors in this event will be posting about their books and other related topics (can include blurbs, covers, videos, excerpts, recipes, invitations to events, and more). All are welcome! Authors can post as many times as they like during the event, get noticed, and participate in the giveaways. Authors can post 24 hours a day and that allows for authors wherever they are in the world to participate. Authors can promote as many of their titles as they like.

To participate, authors must agree to donate a prize for the event’s giveaways. It can be a book (ebook/download, disk, or print), a gift card, or any other gift appropriate and desirable for our audience of romance readers. There is no minimum or maximum dollar value required. The participating author also agrees to send that prize to a winner of their choosing via email or snail mail.

Participating authors may also do other drawings and giveaways in conjunction with the events but this isn’t required.

What can participating authors promote during the event?

Any romance genre, any heat level.

What happens if I can’t post to the party site (computer trouble)?

Our staff will work with any author wishing to participate in the event to help with questions and troubleshooting. If you’re new to our parties, please try a test post(s) before the party if possible. Troubleshooting is a lot less stressful all around if done when the event is not in progress.

What else? Like eligibility?

1) It must be legal to participate where you are.
2) You must be at least 18 years old to participate. Content on the party site may be mature in nature.
3) You understand that there will be one winner, chosen randomly from all acceptable comments during the event period and posted at the party site and who also signed up on the entry form, selected for the gift card.
4) Non-reviewing staff members from TRS are not eligible to participate.
5) By entering, you agree that TRS is not responsible for items lost in the mail.
6) By entering, you understand that there will be romance books and/or ebooks making up or included in the prizes. These will be of varying genre and heat level and by entering, you agree that TRS and its members and affiliates are not responsible for material the individual prefers and/or finds suitable or doesn’t.
7) No substitution of any prize, for cash or other products, allowed.

I’m an author and I want to participate. Where do I sign up?

Sign up below. Registration is open through midnight EST, December 31, 2017.

Do you have a graphic I can use on my web site or blog to promote the event?

Yes! Use the banner above. Please link to

Or you can use the following code:

<a href=””><img src=””></a>

I have questions. Who do I contact?

Email us for any questions.



Okay, everything between this point and the author sign up form below is optional and not required for you to participate in this event. So thank you!



Full coverage for you at our party with our NY Promotion!

This offer includes for one book:

Ultra Ad (with all the options including graphic designfull coverage post on our sitea newsletter that’s all yours sent to our list.) $60 value

Social Media Coverage (All the features of a Social Media Blitz for each day of the holiday party) $15 value

Promote Me Coverage at our party. (Includes release party ad, a post each day of the party, and a feature in the party’s newsletter issue.) $40 value

Top Billing in the Event Trailer — Be one of the first names listed in the event trailer/video.

It’s $60. Email us for any questions too!

***All materials for this promotion must be submitted by 12/31/17 or the promotion will be shifted to the next large event. No refunds.



That’s right! Won’t be able to attend our party here? We’ll promote for you. This promotion includes the following for one book:

  • One post each day at our party. You can send us the contents of the posts or, if you don’t have time, we’ll put together the posts for you.
  • We’ll share the post each day on our social media venues — Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Tumblr.
  • We’ll email you at the end of each day with a link to the post so you can easily see any comments and handle at your convenience.
  • A cover ad that will appear every day of the party on the party site (value of $25).
  • A featurette in our 1/2/18 newsletter about your book — includes cover, buy links and a brief promotion that you can send us or we’ll craft for you.

It’s $40Email us for any questions too!

***All materials for this promotion must be submitted by 12/31/17 or the promotion will be shifted to the next large event. This applies to all, including those using an banked credit. No refunds.


Secondary Billing in the Event Trailer — Be one of the first names listed in the event trailer/video, after the Cool Kids (who get the Cool Promotion) above.

It’s $15Email us for any questions too!


Yes, you can advertise your cover at this event!

Our Release Party Cover Ads appear ONLY on our party site and only on or during our official events there. The ads do not appear on the TRS main site. We’ll feature your color book cover on our party site each day of the party. Your ad will be 125 pixels in width (we will resize for you) and will allow visitors to the party site to be able to click on your ad and be redirected to any site you designate (your personal site or a buy page). Plus, you can feature a caption (15-20 words) for more attention! Space is limited! $25

Registration is now closed.