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About TRS Reviews…

Reviews at TRS are written by staff reviewers only. Reviewer positions at TRS are volunteer positions. Experience is not mandatory but a love of reading is. If you’re interested in reviewing for TRS, contact us.

Reviews submitted to TRS by staff reviewers cannot be copyrighted by another agency. TRS will post only reviews of work submitted directly to us by the author, publisher, or designated agent. The submitting agent will be notified by email upon completion of the review.

Permission is granted to the author, publisher or designated agent to use TRS reviews of their submitted work either in it’s entirety or by use of a “snippet” so long as the reviewer and TRS are referenced.

Want to submit your published, edited work to TRS for review consideration?


TRS welcomes all review submissions, published with an established publishing company or self published, within the romance genre including erotic, inspirational, alternative lifestyle, BDSM and young adult. Reviewers at TRS strive to give a fair and honest assessment of the authors’ work. Reviews are subjective, the opinion of the reviewer. Favorable reviews can be valuable promotional material for authors, publishers, and promotional agents.

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we do not guarantee to review every book submitted. The following should also be noted:

  • We reserve the right not to review any book at our discretion.
  • We do not guarantee a time period within which any review will be completed.
  • We do not guarantee a glowing review for every book submitted. We ask for patience and that submitters don’t continually email to follow up. It won’t hasten our efforts.
  • If the submittee is not happy with the resulting review, we will NOT reconsider the work for an additional review until the desired result is achieved.
  • We will not delete a review just because we are asked to do so by the submitter because the review rating is not as expected.
  • We are not a critique service. We will not review or give opinions on works-in-progress or unpublished works.
  • If you’re submitting a print copy of your book for review, you still must complete the online form to put your book in our database.
  • All books submitted should have been through the full editing process before submissions. i.e. the copy you send us for review should be what will be released for purchase.
  • If you have questions please email us and be sure to include the title, author’s name, publisher’s release date, and submission date along with your question.

Also books submitted with the following subject matter will NOT be reviewed:

  • sexual relations with the minors
  • torture and/or mutilation
  • non-consensual sexual relations
  • use of bodily functions (feces, “golden showers”, etc.)

Publishers who submit to TRS

We have a number of publishers who are on our auto-send list. If your publisher is on the list, chances are we’ve already received your work for review consideration or will shortly.

Please note that we do not accept author submissions from one of our auto-send publishers. If you have a question about the status of your book for review, email us.

Publishers, if your name is not on this list and you would like to submit to us weekly or monthly then please contact us to have your name included. Authors, tell your publishers how they could be listed here too.

Series books. Publishers and authors, if you’re submitting a later book in a series, remember we’ll also consider the earlier books in that series as it will often help the reviewer to have those stories and perhaps review them as well (if they haven’t been reviewed already). Please email us first to make sure we DON’T have the earlier books already.

If your book has been previously published, please email us before submitting your work for review.

By submitting the form below and sending a review copy of your work to us, you are stating that you agree and understand the conditions stated above.


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Send ebook copies to us via email to reviews.trs (at)

If you’re book is on NetGalley, once you submit the form, you’re done.


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