Submission Calls

Updated 7/30/18

Changeling Press Call For Submissions 2018

We’re currently accepting submissions for Contemporary and Futuristic short fiction — single titles, series, and serials in the following genres and themes:

Genres: Sci-Fi/Futuristic, Dark and Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, BDSM, Action Adventure, and Guilty Pleasures (Adult Contemporary Kink)
Themes: New Adult, Multiple Partners, Bisexual and More, Gay, Interracial, BBW, Cougar (M/F), Silver Fox (M/M), Men and Women in Uniform, Vampires, Werewolves, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures, Other Shapeshifters, Magic, Dark Desires (Demons and Horror), and Hentai (Tentacle Monsters)

We’re not going to try to predict trends. We’d do better playing the slots in Atlantic City (Which I hear is going broke.) We’re looking for the one thing that transcends this month’s bestselling genres – you. Experienced authors who know how to design a plot so it looks like mountain peaks rather than flat lines, who understand the basic requirements of the Erotic Romance publishing industry, and who love what they write.

How to submit: Please read and follow our submissions guidelines


We publish women’s Sci-Fi/Futuristic, Dark and Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Action Adventure, BDSM, and Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary)Erotic Romance. All submissions must be targeted for at least one of these genres and must be Women’s Erotic Romance.

While there should be both highly erotic and romantic elements to the book, relationships and endings should be plot driven. We don’t demand your characters trot off to get married at the end of the book, though we do ask for a HEA(Happy Ever After) or, in the case of serials, a HFN(Happy For Now).

We’ve only got one heat level — over-the-top hot! We can handle anything you send us as long as it meets our guidelines (Content must be legal for an over 21 audience and geared toward a primarily female readership). We do not accept simultaneous submissions (An author should not send the same book to several publishers at the same time). We do accept multiple submissions (An author may send us several books at the same time).

Length: We accept submissions from 12 to 30 thousand words for single titles. Serials from unsigned authors must be submitted as a completed set.

Royalties: On-Site Sales 35% of gross, Off Site Sales 50% of Net. Receive your first check within 60 days of publication. Expect to hear back from us about your submission within two weeks.

What to submit: We accept submissions via email ONLY. If you do not have reliable access to the internet to be able to communicate with us electronically, you do not have the ability to promote your work electronically.

Please include:
* A short cover letter including your publishing history, if any, a short blurb and plot summary of no more than 500 words, including genres and themes you’re targeting for this book, and whether it’s a single title or a series/serial.
* Your COMPLETE manuscript, as an RTF (Rich Text File) or txt (Text) file attachment. Every word processing program has the ability to save as Rich Text or Text. That’s it. We’re going to reformat your file to suit our own guidelines, so use whatever font you wish. We don’t care. We have a format macro. 🙂
* A brief promotional plan, including links to your website, blog, Facebook, WordPress, journal, etc., and chat sites where you plan to promote, should we accept your work for publication. An author’s ability to promote is critical to the success of any book’s sales. You will also be expected to promote your book through active participation in the Changeling Readers’ loop, the Changeling Insider, The Cheeky Changeling (our online E-Zine), The Changeling Blog, our Facebook page, Weekly Flash Fiction Challenges, and other regularly-scheduled promotions.

Please Note: We’re fanatics about quality. From editors, proofreaders, and line editors to artists and marketing staff, our team of dedicated professionals is here for your support.

What we’re not looking for: We’re not interested in reprint anyone’s complete backlist. Books that have been out a while have generally found their target audience. We do not accept books that have already been published independently at Amazon for re-release.

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