What to do with a Naked Leprechaun
Tianna Xander
Published by: Tianna Xander
Price: .99 New release price
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Paranormal
Release date: February 27th 2021

Blurb/Back cover copy: Cammie spends her life isolated on a mountain living off the land, hiding from a vicious criminal who wants her dead. When a naked man falls from the sky and lands face down in her stream, she drags him to land and resuscitates him. What\’s a woman to do with a gorgeous and naked man when he falls almost in her lap? Take him home, of course.

Liam is a guardian sworn to protect those with the blood of the leprechaun nobility. Rendered sexless by the Leprechaun King and Queen, he should feel no love, passion, or desire for his charge, but he does. In order to build a life with her, he must ask a boon of his queen and king—to become a human. For what human woman could ever love a leprechaun?

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