In the magic shop my witch twin and I own in downtown Chicago, it was a typical day—we were killing willing customers, helping girls with boy problems, selling curses, potions, and brews, that sort of thing. Then this shady AF half-demon shows up and abducts my twin. Even worse, the authorities won’t help because of my sister’s drama queen past.

Armed with nothing to solve Tessa’s disappearance, I set out to hire the Fire Wolf—a notorious dark hunter who’s relentless when hired for jobs. Yep, this dude is exactly who I need. Except I don’t foresee my attraction to my newly hired hunter or the way his heated stares threaten to melt me in his flames. Well, screw me sideways. I’ve hired the Fire Wolf to find my twin, not to have a scorching affair with a man who walks on the gray side of the law.

But none of that matters when we discover the reason behind Tessa’s abduction. Overnight, I become a pawn in a much larger game that I never wanted to play. Sheesh, talk about a crappy Monday…

Wolf of Fire is book one in a four-book paranormal romance series with a sassy witch, a dark and broody hunter, passionate slow-burn steam, and plenty of banter that’ll have you snorting with laughter.

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