10 Business Strategies for Authors from BookEnds Literacy

Literary agents Jessica Faust and James McGowan talk about the business side of things, and cover what steps authors should take once they’ve gotten their first book deal and begin to make writing a career.

BookEnds is dedicated to making publishing a book traditionally a more transparent process, and it starts with these videos!


Jessica Faust’s love for books is what first brought her to open BookEnds Literary Agency. It is her desire to be an advocate for all authors that pushed her to create her blog, the BookEnds YouTube channel and to maintain a vibrant presence on Twitter.

Jessica is proud to have grown BookEnds to an agency that represents authors of all genres for children and adults, allowing her to reach more readers and help more authors and illustrators achieve their dreams. —

James McGowan is a Literary Agent at BookEnds and writer for children. He began working with the agency as an intern in the summer of 2015, and basically never left. He represents a talented group of authors and illustrators working in everything from board books to middle grade graphic novels. He also works in adult nonfiction, and adult mystery and suspense projects. James is the author of GOOD NIGHT OPPY, which is available now.

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