A Divided Heart by Kayelle Allen

In a school filled with hackers and thieves, how do you trust your heart?

The Thieves’ Guild Academy teaches three things. Honor above profit. Skill above chance. Family above all. So when the Academy decides to turn away an alien child who’s too unruly to train, Professor Brinn Halin intercedes. Despite the warnings of his handsome ex, the Headmaster, he fosters the precocious four-year-old girl.

Academy Headmaster Kam Zavala oversees a school full of trainee thieves and hackers, and he’s used to their tricks. This latest student, a headstrong but brilliant little girl, has gone beyond a simple hack. Her work threatens to implode the ancient Academy itself. As a disaster of epic proportions unfurls, Kam must take action.

But when the child’s breach uncovers a deeper, more insidious hack, the two master thieves must work together. Is there truly honor among thieves? These two have a second chance to prove it, save the child, the Academy, and restore their newfound love. The question is, will they trust their well-honed instincts, or follow their long-divided hearts…

Quick But Good. This may have been a quick story but it was a good one. I was drawn in nearly from the start and it held my interest throughout.” – Barnes & Noble reviewer

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