A Fresh Chapter in Publishing: The Emergence of Green City Books

Nestled in the heart of Bend, Oregon, Green City Books has made its debut, marking a significant shift in the publishing landscape. Publisher’s Weekly recently reported on this new independent publisher spearheaded by Jessica Hammerman and Isaac Peterson. This independent publisher emerges from the foundations of their hybrid publishing company, Emerald Books. Embracing a traditional publishing model, Green City Books, distributed by Publishers Group West, aims to publish six to 12 titles each year, showcasing a diverse range of literary works.

A Marriage of Skills and Passions

Hammerman and Peterson, not just business partners but also a married couple, bring a wealth of experience to Green City Books. Since their move from New York to Bend in 2013, they have infused their passion for literature into the local community. Hammerman, juggling her role as a history teacher with editorial work, has a penchant for historical subjects. Peterson, whose talents extend to writing and book design, notably showcased in his picture book “Gray Fox in the Moonlight,” has a keen eye for literary science fiction that pushes genre boundaries.

Collaborative Roots and Visionary Goals

Their journey into traditional publishing was influenced by Joe Olshan, the editorial director of Delphinium Books, who recognized Peterson’s exceptional design skills. Olshan’s encouragement, combined with Hammerman and Peterson’s aspirations, laid the groundwork for Green City Books. Their mission is clear: to offer a platform for great writing that might otherwise be overlooked by larger publishing houses due to rigid market constraints.

An Impressive Line-Up and Community Spirit

Green City’s inaugural title, “Sonata in Wax” by Edward Hamlin, set for release in April 2024, will be followed by works from Regina McBride and David Plante. These selections exemplify the publisher’s commitment to upmarket literary fiction and memoir, with a particular interest in works that transcend traditional genre definitions.

The support from the wider publishing community has been instrumental in Green City’s foundation. Their participation in PubWest’s mentorship program and collaboration with Kurt Brackob of Histria Books have been pivotal in shaping their approach. This sense of community, as Peterson notes, is a hallmark of the publishing industry, where mutual support and advancement are key.

Green City Books stands as a beacon of innovation and diversity in the literary world. With a genre-agnostic approach and a leaning towards literary fiction, Hammerman and Peterson are poised to make a significant impact. Their story is not just about publishing books; it’s about fostering a community where artistic vision and diverse voices are celebrated. Keep an eye on Green City Books โ€“ a name set to become synonymous with literary diversity and quality.

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