All is Fair by Jordan Turbeville

RJ has always killed the monsters, but when the newest monster sets its sights on her she’ll turn to the person she hates most in order to save them all.

The Silver Springs Hunting Club has rules for a reason—to keep Hunters alive. For ten months and five days, RJ has ignored them all doing whatever was necessary to kill every vamp she could to avenge her brother’s death at their hands. When she becomes the obsession of a powerful vamp’s coven, she’ll cross every boundary she has left, including trusting Sterling Thorne again.

The clock is ticking and the people around RJ are the targets. If she hopes to save anyone, including herself, she’ll have to deal with Sterling’s involvement in her brother’s death. The complicated history between them, months of passion that ended as abruptly as her brother’s life, brings its own set of obstacles to overcome.

As time runs out, RJ learns that love may be able to break you, but it’s also the one thing that can soothe the jagged edges and fill the gaping holes left behind.

“RJ is a vampire hunter who is determined to avenge her brother’s death, even if she’s not the most well-trained. It soon becomes apparent that someone or something is hunting RJ. When her ex-boyfriend, the one that she still blames for her brother’s death, returns to town, she must decide whether she can trust him again.” – Amazon reviewer

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