Amazon’s Best Romance Novels for July 2023

Welcome to July’s roundup of the best romance novels handpicked by Amazon! If you’re a fan of heartwarming stories, passionate encounters, and swoon-worthy characters, you’ve come to the right place. As avid readers ourselves here at TRS, we understand the joy of diving into a captivating romance that whisks you away to another world.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet love story, a steamy encounter, or a tale of forbidden passion, these picks are sure to satisfy your craving for all things romance. So, let’s embark on this literary journey together and discover the irresistible allure of these captivating tales of love and longing.

Hello Stranger by Katherine Center

One of the standout romance novels on the list this month is “Hello Stranger: A Novel” by Katherine Center. With her trademark blend of heart, humor, and irresistible characters, Center delivers a story that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you yearning for more.

The protagonist, Sadie Montgomery, is an aspiring artist whose life takes an unexpected turn when she is diagnosed with face blindness, a condition that renders every face she sees as a jumbled puzzle of disconnected features. As Sadie navigates the challenges of her newfound reality, including coping with major family issues and pursuing her artistic dreams, she finds herself entangled in a complicated web of emotions.

But it’s not just one, but two very different men who capture Sadie’s attention. Love, lust, and the desire for a distraction from her struggles all come into play. However, the timing couldn’t be worse, leaving Sadie to grapple with her feelings and search for clarity amidst the blurred lines of her life.

Center’s portrayal of Sadie’s journey is both relatable and compelling. Through her modern millennial heroine, Center addresses the challenges of adulting with sincerity and authenticity, long before face blindness enters the picture. With a touch of humor and an endearing love story, the pages of “Hello Stranger” will fly by as readers become deeply invested in Sadie’s story.

In this heartfelt tale, Center reminds us that sometimes, the things we seek are found when we least expect them. As Sadie’s life unfolds and unexpected people enter her world, she learns that there are always alternative ways of seeing and discovering the true essence of love.

If you’re searching for a romance novel that combines poignant storytelling, relatable characters, and a dash of humor, “Hello Stranger: A Novel” is a must-read. Join Sadie on her journey of self-discovery and let Center’s expert storytelling whisk you away into a world where love and perseverance triumph over adversity. Buy it today!


The Only Purple House in Town by Ann Aguirre

Prepare to be swept away to the enchanting town of St. Claire in “The Only Purple House in Town” by Ann Aguirre. Bestselling author Ann Aguirre weaves a tale of magic, misfits, and unexpected connections that will warm your heart and leave you yearning for the extraordinary.

Meet Iris Collins, the self-proclaimed “chaos bunny” of her family. While her sisters bask in their successes, Iris finds herself struggling to balance her budget and drowning in debt. But when she inherits a house from her great aunt, her dreams of turning it into a thriving bed and breakfast quickly unravel. Instead, she finds herself welcoming an assortment of lost souls as tenants, some of whom are not entirely human.

Enter Eli Reese, the once-nerdy outcast who struck gold designing apps. Despite his professional success, Eli has always felt like an outsider, longing for a genuine sense of belonging. When he stumbles upon Iris, his childhood crush, he takes it as a sign and finds himself renting a room in her peculiar B&B. As the days unfold, Eli becomes captivated not only by the whimsical boarders residing in the house but also by Iris herself. Could this be the place and person that finally make him feel at home?

Aguirre’s talent for crafting quirky characters and delightful surprises shines through in “The Only Purple House in Town.” With humor-infused pages and unexpected twists at every corner, readers will be utterly charmed and reluctant to let go of the enchantment that emanates from St. Claire. Prepare to embark on a journey where love, magic, and the bonds of community come together to create an extraordinary tale.

If you’re seeking a cozy, contemporary romance that will transport you to a world where wonders await, look no further than “The Only Purple House in Town.” Ann Aguirre’s skillful storytelling and relatable characters will keep you turning the pages, eagerly immersing yourself in the whimsical atmosphere of St. Claire. Be prepared to be captivated, uplifted, and thoroughly entertained as you follow Iris and Eli on their quest to find love, belonging, and a place they can truly call “home.” Buy it today!

Forget Me Not by Julie Soto

Get ready for a deliciously spicy and funny romance in “Forget Me Not” by Julie Soto. This captivating novel follows the story of Ama Torres, an optimistic wedding planner who doesn’t believe in marriage but adores weddings, and Elliot Bloom, a brooding florist who begrudgingly owns a flower shop. Together, they must navigate the complexities of planning a celebrity event while confronting their shared past and undeniable chemistry.

Once collaborators who shared a passionate connection, Ama and Elliot’s relationship came crashing down when Ama broke Elliot’s heart and disappeared from his life. Now, fate brings them back together as they work on an event that holds the power to make or break their careers. However, the two brides involved in the event are oblivious to their complicated history and determined to play matchmakers. As the wedding unfolds, Ama and Elliot find themselves facing not only professional challenges but also the lingering emotions from their past.

“Forget Me Not” is a smart and hilarious romance that explores the theme of second chances. With witty banter, endearing characters, and a captivating storyline, Julie Soto delivers a tale that will keep readers engaged and rooting for love to triumph over past hurts. Experience the magic of two individuals rediscovering themselves and giving love another shot amidst the chaos of wedding planning.

Fans of the grumpy/sunshine trope will swoon over Elliot’s brooding charm and the sparks that fly between him and the optimistic Ama. Julie Soto’s skillful storytelling will have you laughing, swooning, and cheering as these two characters navigate their way back to each other. Prepare to be swept away in a whirlwind of emotions and discover that sometimes, love deserves a second chance.

If you’re in the mood for a romance novel that combines humor, spicy chemistry, and the power of forgiveness, “Forget Me Not” is the perfect choice. Join Ama and Elliot on their journey of self-discovery and watch as they learn that some things can endure even the most catastrophic of circumstances. Buy it today!

In addition to the captivating stories we’ve already explored, there are several other gems waiting to be discovered. Let’s take a quick look at the remaining titles on the list:

With these extraordinary romance novels, your reading list is sure to be filled with heartwarming stories, passionate encounters, and unforgettable characters. So, grab a cozy spot, a warm cup of tea, and let the magic of these captivating tales transport you to worlds of romance and adventure. Happy reading!

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