Arcane Betrayal by Angela Knight

Margay Whitfield has a mystical bond to a tiger spirit which allows her to call on the animal’s power — until a terrorist bombing leaves her with PTSD and shaky control over her inner big cat. Now she’s come home to Ashburg, S.C., where her mother owns a restaurant. Margay hopes that a simple, boring job will give her the time and peace to heal her psychic wounds and rebuild her control over Razia, her tiger. But when the terrorists who attacked her in Ukraine use Raz to turn the town against her and her mother, she has to call a cop.

Though Ashburg Police Chief Grant Sawyer has no magical abilities at all, he and Margay were childhood best friends — and high school sweethearts. But ten years of tragedy has left Margay with deep psychological wounds and a fear she could hurt — even kill — the man she loves. Can Margay and Grant defeat the terrorists despite the odds, and rediscover their lost love?

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