Audible Announces Reduction of Workforce by 5%

Audible, a renowned audio storytelling platform, recently informed its employees of an upcoming reduction in its workforce. This decision, reported by Publishers Weekly, affecting about 5 percent of its global staff, is estimated to impact around 100 individuals, considering the company’s staff strength of 1,500 to 2,000 worldwide. Specific details regarding the affected departments haven’t been disclosed by the company so far.

A Heartfelt Message

In a heartfelt message to the team, CEO Bob Carrigan expressed gratitude for the successful year Audible had in 2023 and acknowledged the sound state of the business. Despite these positive aspects, he emphasized the necessity of this tough decision to ensure the company’s sustainability and growth amidst a challenging business environment. Carrigan highlighted the importance of becoming more streamlined and efficient to maintain Audible’s status as a leader in delivering top-tier audio entertainment globally.

A Memo to Employees

The memo to employees detailed the challenging nature of this decision, given Audible’s commitment to its People Principles and the value placed on its workforce. Carrigan noted that the decision was made with great consideration and was essential for the company’s long-term success. He expressed empathy for the employees who will be leaving, recognizing their contributions and assuring support during their transition. He also addressed the remaining employees, acknowledging the uncertainty this decision brings but reinforcing the goal to strengthen Audible’s business for the future.

Carrigan reassured the team about Audible’s strong positioning for continued growth and leadership in the audio storytelling sector. He promised to share further details and address any questions in the upcoming Global Allofus meeting in January. This decision, while difficult, is seen as a strategic move to adapt to the evolving market and maintain the company’s competitive edge.

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