Autocrit’s Fight Scenes Workshop

Starts October 12th at 7:00 PM EST

Feeling like your fight scenes lack the punch that leaves your reader breathless, palms sweaty and heart racing? Get ready to start landing knockout blows with every word instead – even if you’ve never been in a fight in your life.

Join our upcoming Writing Fight Scenes workshop and get hands-on with:

    • How to deliver hard-hitting, pulse-pounding action while furthering your plot and advancing characterization.
    • Approachable, clear methods to escape the traps of vague choreography, pace-killing complexity, and lack of emotional resonance.
    • The secret to weaving elements of suspense into even the most fast-paced action scenes.
    • How to quickly add variety and spice to your fight scenes so they don’t become repetitive or stale.

    And more besides. Readers won’t settle with mediocre fight sequences… and neither should you. It’s time to stop shadow boxing and get in the ring. Book your workshop seat now!

    Cost: $79

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