Award-Winning Author Julia Quinn Joins Forces with EveryLibrary to Combat Censorship in 2023-2024

Julia Quinn, renowned for her best-selling Bridgerton series, has been named the inaugural National Ambassador for EveryLibrary and its educational arm, the EveryLibrary Institute, for the years 2023-2024. This collaboration aims to tackle the escalating issue of censorship in the United States.

A Cultural Icon Takes a Stand

Quinn is no stranger to the literary world. With a portfolio boasting over 35 works, including novels, graphic novels, and novellas, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her Bridgerton novels not only took the bookshelves by storm but also became a Netflix sensation, further expanding with the limited series, Queen Charlotte.

The Fight Against Censorship

Quinn’s partnership with EveryLibrary comes at a crucial time. She’s deeply concerned about the rising tide of censorship and is committed to amplifying the work EveryLibrary is doing. This includes supporting grassroots organizations that oppose censorship and keeping tabs on legislative moves that restrict access to information.

In her own words, Quinn states, “The freedom to read is under siege, and I can’t be a bystander. Libraries were my sanctuary growing up, and now it’s time to stand up for them. I’m honored to echo Walter Cronkite’s sentiment: the cost of ignorance far outweighs the investment in our libraries.”

A Shared Vision

John Chrastka, Executive Director of EveryLibrary, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “Julia’s literary achievements and her zeal for storytelling make her the perfect advocate for our mission of upholding the principles of free expression.”

What’s Next?

As National Ambassador, Quinn will embark on a national library tour in Fall 2024. She aims to educate the public on the organized attempts to remove books from libraries and how EveryLibrary is fighting back.

About Julia Quinn

Julia Quinn is more than just the author of the Bridgerton series, now a Netflix original produced by Shondaland Media. Her works have been translated into 42 languages and have consistently topped the New York Times bestseller list. A staunch supporter of military families, she donates 100 copies of her books to service members and their families every Veterans Day.

In a world where the freedom to read is increasingly under threat, Julia Quinn’s appointment as National Ambassador for EveryLibrary marks a significant step in the fight against censorship.

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