Babylon’s Newest Gem: The Neverending Story Bookstore

In the heart of Babylon, N.Y., a new chapter unfolds with the opening of The Neverending Story, a charming bookstore that promises a journey through the world of books. Nestled at 9 W. Main St., this 1,000-square-foot literary oasis opened its doors earlier this month, much to the delight of book lovers in the community.

A Treasure Trove of Books and Beyond

The Neverending Story isn’t just another bookstore; it’s a carefully curated experience. With a diverse range of titles that cater to readers of all ages, it’s a place where stories come alive. But it’s not just about books. The store also features an eclectic collection of vinyl albums, vintage bookends, and a variety of unique gifts, offering something special for everyone who walks in.

A Warm Welcome from Owner Colleen Kinneary

Colleen Kinneary, the passionate mind behind this venture, opened the bookstore on January 6. Her vision is clear: to create an inviting space where everyone feels at ease. “I want to make it really accessible and have price points that are affordable,” Kinneary shared with Newsday. She understands the importance of a welcoming environment, especially for those who might feel overwhelmed by the vast world of literature.

Fostering a Community of Readers

Looking ahead, Kinneary is enthusiastic about enriching the bookstore’s selection and introducing an exciting events program. Her journey to owning a bookstore has been fueled by her experience as a book buyer for various museums. This venture represents a bold step in her career, as she thought, “Why not do it for myself?”

The Neverending Story in Babylon, N.Y., is more than just a bookstore. It’s a destination for those who love reading and a hub for the community. It’s a place where stories live on forever, inviting everyone to be a part of its unfolding narrative.

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