Barnes & Noble to Open 47 Brand New Stores in 2024 Out of Planned 50 Locations

Hey there, fellow book lovers! Remember when we chatted about Barnes & Noble’s big plans for 2024? Well, I’ve got some fresh news that’s just come in courtesy of Publisher’s Weekly. So, let’s dive into the latest chapter of B&N’s expansion story.

It turns out, out of the 50 stores they’re planning to open next year, a whopping 47 are going to be brand spanking new. Yeah, you heard that right. Only three are mere relocations – the rest are either coming to markets they’ve left in the past or completely new spots. It’s like B&N is going on a bit of a homecoming tour, mixed with some adventurous exploration.

Now, for the juicy details: they’ve already signed leases for 43 of these locations. Talk about being on a roll, right?

But wait, there’s more. In terms of how many stores they have right now, the count stands at 604, and they’re planning to open 7 more this year. With a couple of stores relocating in December, this number is expected to hit 610 by the end of 2023.

The big picture? If they keep up with their average rate of closing about 15 stores a year, we’re looking at potentially 645 B&N stores by the end of 2024. They’re even hoping to push that number to 650.

So, it seems like B&N is not just sticking around; they’re expanding their horizons. And for us bookworms, that means more cozy corners to curl up in with a good book. Keep your eyes peeled for a B&N popping up near you!

Have a good one, folks, and happy reading! 📚🙏

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