Because of You by Cerise Deland

Love does not advertise. Love is not proud.

But when a young woman has nothing left but pride, she places an ad and hopes for a husband to treasure.

Miss ‘Daisy’ Molyneaux is desperate. All her family is dead. Her home in Normandy, attacked by mobs. Now that the little general has abdicated, she has a chance to gain back her lands. But she needs a husband who will help her regain her rights. So she pays to post an advert for a husband.

When the man who answers is not one she could ever love, but his nephew could be, can she accept his proposal?

Garrick Ruxton appears to her like a golden-haired hero, a handsome creature who saves her from an imperfect marriage. Garrick vows to accompany Daisy to France and, in the bargain, solve his own problem. His shipments, meant for British forces on the Continent, constantly go missing. He knows not who or how or why the thieves steal his goods. Worse, someone has attempted to kill his uncle. Daisy, too.

Garrick must find all those guilty before he is accused of treason. Before Daisy loses all hope of regaining her rights.

And before they both lose the one chance they have to find happiness together.

“One Fantastic Story! Unique, Suspenseful and Gripping! The second in Matrimony series, Because of You will hold your attention from start to finish. It’s a rollercoaster ride that weaves a story from beginning to end with threads of intrigue, violence and brims with tension building twist and turns Cerise Deland has given readers a book that is well-written, filled it with great cast of characters that come off the pages and pull you into this emotional ride that keeps you involved until the very end, sizzling passion, danger and a mystery to solve. With setting descriptions and action sequences that are wonderfully vivid that brings the story to life and as the uncertainties escalates the suspense builds and villains abound which brings this read together perfectly.” ~ Kindle Customer

“Many thanks for this supremely sweet and suspenseful story. I kept on waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m going to save this with the keepers.” ~ Kindle Customer

“;… another remarkably loving, entertaining, and gratifying historical romance, spiced with a generous dose of mystery, by author Cerise DeLand. It’s a well crafted love story. From the opening setting and the uncertainties now surrounding the development of a relationship between Daisy and Garrick, the author’s character development is superb and well-paced; there are plenty of scenes that provide proof that the two main characters are willing to fall in love and can make this new marriage work.” ~ Kindle Customer

“Oh, this is the love story of a princess and her knight in shining armour, or her archangel or the man who is strong, honorable, dependable, trustworthy and most of all loves her whole heartedly. I loved this story from beginning to the end, such caring, honorable and loving characters.” ~ a people lover

“Such a unique and suspenseful story. I loved it and hated to see it end.” ~ NavyWave62

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