Bloodwolf by Sierra Dafoe

Evil lurks in the desert
Journalist Lauren Cole has everything she ever wanted — a life away from the madness of LA, and a hot hunk of a guy to share it with — Professor Randy Anders. An archeological expedition into the Arizona desert sounds like the perfect prelude to their marriage. There’s just one problem — Randy’s more interested in his fossils than he is in her. Suddenly everything seems to be falling apart. And Lauren’s beginning to suspect there’s more under the Arizona clay than just old bones…

An unlikely savior
Marked by an ancient evil, the um al duwayce, Baudouin Delacor wanders the earth, solitary, friendless, and hopeless. Centuries ago it turned him into a beast for which there had never before been a name — not the loup garou, the werewolf, but the loup de sang. The BloodWolf.

Driven by a bloodlust he can neither control nor deny, Delacor has only one hope left: that by destroying the succubus, he can free himself of its curse. Now, amid the vast, arid beauty of Arizona’s deserts, the evil is awakening again, and Delacor is all that stands between the um al duwayce and humanity. If only Lauren will trust him enough to accept his help…


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