Book Publicity School

Learn how to get media attention and promote your book from one of the country’s top book publicists, Press Shop PR founder Leah Paulos

Book Publicity School is perfect for you if… 

  • you find the idea of book promotion intimidating
  • you’re looking for expert guidance
  • you need help figuring out the right messaging for your book
  • you’re struggling with how to use social media for book promotion
  • you don’t know how to reach your target reader
  • you want to supplement your publisher’s publicity efforts
  • you are ready to roll up your sleeves to advocate for your writing
  • you want to give your book its best shot at success

Book PR 101: FREE 1-hour Workshop

Come check us out!

In each free 1-hour virtual workshop, Book Publicity School and Press Shop PR founder Leah Paulos draws on her decades of experience leading high-profile media campaigns to share strategies for promoting your book and answer all your questions about book publicity.

Upcoming dates:

Friday, September 22 at 12 pm ET
Weds., September 27 at 12 pm ET
Thursday, October 5 at 12 pm ET

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