Celestial Awakening fting Stephanie Morris

A Limited Edition Collection of Mythology Romances

Born from foam
Fallen from grace
Their immortal love awaits.

From the icy shores of Scandinavia to the desert sands of Egypt, from Native American legends to ancient Mesopotamia, the goddesses awaken. They’ve watched civilizations rise and fall, human life come and go. They’re known as love, beauty, and fertility, but there’s so much more to these goddesses and their descendants, so much more to discover.

Dive into tales of female empowerment, ever-lasting love, and sizzling passion in this limited edition anthology.

Watch the goddesses rise.

Grab your limited edition copy today!

Including Stories from:
Stephanie Morris – USA Today bestselling author
S. K. Gregory- USA Today Bestselling Author
Torie James – USA Today Bestselling Author
Charmaine Louise Shelton
Sierra Christenson
Anna G Berry
Janna Ruth
January Rayne
G.R. Loreweaver
Marie Johnston
Gillian Zane
Evelyn Shine
C. E. DeRosier
Joline Pearce
Lacuna Reid
Sera Taíno
Ciara Skye
Rebekah Lewis
E.S. McMillan

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