Character Chemistry Workshop from Autocrit

If you’ve ever finished a book that stayed stuck in your heart or mind long after the last page, chances are that one thing was a major contributor:


The secret lies not just in developing layered characters with convincing personalities, thought processes, and attitudes, but in the chemistry between them – that intangible magic that makes readers believe.

Now, it’s your turn to weave that spellbinding connection in your own writing!

Join us this Sunday, February 4th or Monday, February 6th for the Character Chemistry – Love Writing Workshop, exclusively designed to help you captivate readers with authentic relationships that hinge around positivity.

From love at first sight (a well-used trope with which to be careful!) to cordial acquaintances and time-forged friendships, throughout two separate sessions you’ll cover all the essential angles and techniques for creating satisfying character connections your audience can’t help but root for.

Character is king, so don’t miss out on this one! Check it out right here for dates, times, and bundle deals on this and other character relationship workshops.

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