Chasing Kyrus: Kidnapped by the Captain by Hurri Cosmo


I’ve been kidnapped by Tilbarr, Pirate Captain of the infamous Wolf, and dragged aboard his ship. Judging by the way the big, muscled, beautiful man is staring at me, he just might be thinking about keeping me.

Really not a good idea.

Because I’m an Astral Mage, better known as a “Soul Giver”, a race of beings who can attach wandering life force energies to any source. Basically, I bring the dead to life, a power the Confederated Authority, the governing body for civilized planets, want to totally control. So, for years they have been hunting down and seizing Astral Mages and whisking them off somewhere. And me? They say I am as pure as they get. The very reason the ConFed will stop at nothing to possess me. TilBarr doesn’t seem to understand the incredible danger he’s in by not turning me over to them.


There is something about Kyrus that deeply stirs me. I have never ever before wanted to keep a prize I’ve stolen. And the ConFed? While overwhelmingly powerful and hell-bent on capturing Kyrus, it’s not only them I am concerned with. The threat to Kyrus doesn’t only come from outside the Wolf. Well, no matter. I will fiercely protect my prize. Even if it means giving up everything. My ship, my crew and even my life.

(Previously titled The Astral Mage)

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