Cognac Villain by Nicole Fox

One wardrobe malfunction.
Two people who don’t belong together.
Three awful words: “Be my wife.”

Everyone else is at this party to marry the host.
I’m only here until I can get a ride home.
When my dress rips in the world’s worst-timed wardrobe malfunction,
I go find somewhere quiet to fix it.

So I’m standing there in nothing but my heels when,
As my luck would have it, the door opens…

And the man of the hour walks in.

I wish I could say I played it cool.
But it’s been a looong time since anyone has seen me in my birthday suit…
Much less the hottest man I’ve ever laid eyes on.

All I want to do is fix my dress, click my heels three times, and be back on my couch in fuzzy slippers.
But Ivan has other ideas.

He’s decided who he’s taking to the altar…
And I don’t have a choice but to say “I do.”

COGNAC VILLAIN is Book One in the Pushkin Bratva duet. Ivan and Cora’s story concludes in Book Two, COGNAC VIXEN!

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