Combustion by Kate Hill

When an alien research ship heads to Earth, Aliens and humans collide in unexpected ways…

In Heat (Combustion 1) When Zoey temporarily moves in with her friend Justin, the last thing she expects is to find a hunk across the hall. Wyatt not only desires Zoey, he needs her to survive, but he wants a willing partner. When passion finally overtakes them, he knows he must tell her the truth, but will she accept an alien lover?

Dead Heat (Combustion 2) With her memory erased, Erica is caught between two men — a handsome doctor who claims to be her boyfriend and a sexy government agent. Erica soon learns that neither she nor the doctor belong on Earth. Passion flares between the visitors and the agent who has discovered them, but will he endanger their lives or save them?

Heat of the Moment (Combustion 3) When Jace is hired as engineer on a research ship headed to Earth, Tiana makes it plain she doesn’t approve of him. She’s not willing to believe he’s turned his life around. But as much as she wants him off the ship, she wants him in her bed even more. She can’t trust him. Can she resist him?

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