When she was barely eight, Mayhem’s berserker powers surfaced and wherever she went, pandemonium soon followed. To teach her control, and keep her from destroying the known universe, her fathers started a training program tailored to Mayhem’s unique talents. Now she is a formidable bounty hunter.

On her twenty-first birthday, her fathers gift her with her dream vacation, which quickly turns into an unmitigated nightmare. First, she butts heads with a cranky Coletti War Commander. To complete the fiasco, the Shebu, a stone of unfathomable power, is stolen. Now Zarek, the Coletti Overlord, demands she work with the cranky Coletti to retrieve it, or her fathers will be imprisoned on a penal colony. Can her Berserker skills save the galaxy? Can she avoid falling in love with the smokin’ hot War Commander?



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