Cove’s Tentacles by J. Hali Steele

Cove Deville knows he can’t touch alcohol without facing dire consequences. One drink thrown in his face from a hook-up gone embarrassingly wrong and he’s trapped in a large cooler and tossed into a lake. Fresh water will have to do — better than nothing. Wrong. Discovered on the lake’s sandy shore, he’s captured by a bewildering man. Cove’s life, or what’s left of it if he doesn’t find salt water fast, is about to drastically change.

Kilson Arestes can not recall the last time he was held by another. The pain of loneliness has been so great he felt as if his heart was being shredded. Those thoughts are quickly replaced with another kind of sadness when he finds an ocean dweller who should never be in fresh water crawling from his manmade lake. Little does Kils know saving the animal will alter his undead life forever.

Will these fantastic creatures’ existence be changed for better or worse?

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