Centauri Brides Book 9

My chosen mate is the hottest alien I’ve ever seen—
and the most deadly

I never wanted to be a Centauri Bride. Some women dream of exploring a newly discovered world in the arms of a hunky alien warrior. Personally, I found life on Earth challenging enough.
As an empath, I had to fight to keep from being dragged into the emotional chaos of other people’s lives. It took years for me to learn to control my ability. But when Chancellor Athene asked for my help, I couldn’t say no.

She’d relocated to Centauri to become the mate of Director Zaroq and help him administer the wildly popular program. That’s when the threats began. Ominous messages from someone who knew enough about the inner workings of the program to create havoc. But who would want to destroy Centauri Brides—and why?

Athene asked me to come to the new world. Use my gift to expose the culprit. They had one strong suspect—so they chose me to be his bride.

Now the anonymous messages have escalated to threats of murder. My new mate is everything I ever dreamed of—and his dark side takes me to wild, thrilling places I’ve never been. The longer we’re together the more I find myself falling under his spell.
Am I losing my heart to a killer?

Centauri Brides is a brand-new series, a spinoff from the #1 bestselling Centauri Captives novels. Each book is a standalone featuring masterful alien warriors and the strong, smart Earth women who fall in love with them. Women who have the knowledge and skills to build a brand-new world. As always, USA Today Bestselling Authors Kallista Dane and Kate Richards promise an HEA in every story.

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