Deep POV Workshop from Autocrit

Writing In Deep POV: Master The Art Of Immersive Storytelling

Ever feel like your characters lack depth? Like they’re just words on a page and not living, breathing entities?

With mastery of Deep POV, you can immerse your readers into the story so they feel as one with the main character. Make them forget their own worries and leave them hungry for more, eagerly devouring each page and awaiting your next book.

Join us for the Deep POV workshop and explore:

    • Understanding the Power of Deep Point of View: What constitutes a deep point of view, and why is it instrumental in crafting living, breathing narratives that let readers truly feel like they’re living another life?
    • Techniques for Immersive Storytelling: Uncover the secrets employed by bestselling authors to shorten or eliminate narrative distance by writing as your character instead of about them.
  • Advanced Strategies for Captivating Readers: Learn how to utilize Deep Point of View to hook readers from the start and keep them addicted to your characters.
This live interactive workshop is split into two 90-minute sessions and designed to empower you with the skills needed to craft compelling viewpoints that keep readers turning pages. Say goodbye to uncertainty and welcome the confidence that comes with mastering the art of Deep POV.

Cost: $79

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