Define Your Characters with Dialogue with Cynthia Owens at Savvy Authors

Start date: Feb 12, 2024
End date: Mar 11, 2024

Cost: Premium Savvy Author Members $30 & Basic Savvy Author Members $40

Register by February 5th and save $5, use code DEFINEOWENS2024 at checkout!

If you’re like most writers, you’ve probably taken a number of classes and read even more about writing snappy dialogue. That’s not this class. This class will focus on using dialogue to define your characters.

The most important thing to remember when you’re creating character is to make them unique. That’s what this class about. In He Said, She Said: Define Your Characters With Dialogue, you’ll learn not only what dialogue is and what it should do, but how to use backstory, how to use accents, foreign words and phrases, local slang. You’ll also discover how and when to use speech tags vs. action tags.

Included in the workshop is Your Dialogue Workbook. This useful tool has worksheets, checklists, and assignments that will aid you in creating sparkling dialogue for your characters.

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