Diesel Bookstores Up for Sale?

The beloved Diesel Bookstore in Brentwood, Los Angeles, is now searching for new owners according to Publisher’s Weekly. Alison Reid and John Evans, the current proprietors, announced on their website that they’re putting the location up for sale. It joins their other Diesel bookstore, which has been available for purchase since May 2022. The goal is to conclude the sale of both stores by January 2024.

Reid and Evans expressed their feelings about this transition, saying, “It’s the moment to retire from bookselling, and we’re filled with anticipation at the thought of handing over our beautiful Brentwood bookstore. We’re looking for someone who’ll not just maintain what we’ve built but infuse it with fresh energy and vision, taking it to heights we haven’t yet imagined.”

Details provided for potential buyers highlight the importance of securing financing by the close of 2023. The owners are committed to a process that mirrors their dedication to integrity and professionalism. They are on the lookout for new owners who will not only honor the traditions Diesel Bookstore is known for but also bring their unique touch to the business. For Reid and Evans, the ideal outcome is one that is not only financially sound but also emotionally fulfilling, ensuring that the bookstore continues to be a cherished part of the community.

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