Ghost Unit 1

Tired of being taken for granted, Emelia Drake decides to confront her latest loser boyfriend. Instead of the satisfaction she hoped for, she finds herself caught in an elaborate and dangerous web.

Nick Cormac and Chase Turner seek to protect an innocent woman from the web of darkness that’s shattered their lives. The survivors of dark experiments and torture at the hands of a mercenary who wanted to create a legion of superior soldiers, Nick and Chase are part of an elite, highly-skilled group intending to stop the mercenary once and for all.

They know Emelia is too good for them and their world, but that doesn’t change the fact that they want her. Will they be able to keep her safe? How can they ever let her go?


Praise for Emelia’s Soldiers (Ghost Unit 1)

“…I loved it! I’m glad to say that not only was this story and the interactions between its three main characters fun, romantic and smokin’ hot, but… I personally enjoy polyamorous romances and this one was great because the author started with a realistic relationship between two men and added the heroine to the mix in a way that was just as genuine.”

— 4.5 Hearts from Ivy, The Romance Studio

“This story initially intrigued me on the premise of a power-mad mercenary attempting to create super-soldiers… However, watching the gradual and sweet seduction of Emelia by two men whose love for each other turns out to be more than just sexual preference, totally made up for it. Soldier on, Ghost Unit 1; can’t wait to meet the boys (and girls?) of Ghost Unit 2!”

— 4 Stars from Jean, The TBR Pile Reviews

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