Escape the Plot Forest 2023

October 21-25: You love writing. You love telling stories. But maybe you find finishing stories harder than you would like, or perhaps you feel like your novels seem to wander off track somewhere in the middle.

That’s normal! Plot is a challenge for so many writers.

Whether you are still working on your first book, or you’re working hard to make the next novel your break-out success, the best way you can improve your craft is by learning new plotting skills from a wide range of authors — and getting re-inspired.

Escape the Plot Forest is your expert training program, your four-day creative writing “degree.”

Each day of the event contains lessons on planning your novel, from building the foundations of the story to adding in complications like genre-specific plot points, amazing scenes, and compelling characters. The summit will close with talks about building a plan for your writing life and reflecting on everything you’ve learned.

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