Ex-Rated Attraction by K Webster

USA Today bestselling author K Webster brings the heat with this spicy, dark age gap romance.

Olivia Rowe is supposed to like boys her own age.
She can’t help that her boyfriend’s dad looks like a powerful Greek god.
He saved her from a bad situation and now he’s all consuming.  
Every minute of every hour of every day, she wants to be wrapped around his finger.
Every touch, no matter how innocent, sends shocks through her body that she’s never experienced before.
He says she can’t handle what he has to give but Olivia is more than willing to prove herself.


Miles Reynolds knows better than to hook up with his son’s new girlfriend.
Yet, she somehow ends up at the sex club he owns.
He’s tried warning her away since that night.
Still, he can’t stop thinking about that kiss they both shared.
He knows she’ll keep crawling back to him because she is exactly what he needs—now, then and forever.

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