Dream Walker Book 3

Can Anna defeat her inner demons, or will she lose her soul forever?

Anna Walker’s quest for the Holy Relics has been far from easy. Her ill-fated choices have reunited her with sexy cop, Kincade, deepening her feelings for him even though she struggles to deny them. As she decides how to deal with him, she is visited by the Prince of Greed who comes to collect his debt—she must destroy her uncle or hand over her soul.

Refusing to do his bidding, Anna instead turns her attention to locating the Staff of Moses, the fabled staff of miracles. Thwarted by the trickster angel Azriel every step of the way, she’s also hindered by a destroyer angel sent by Lucifer. His mission? Turn her away from the Light and get her to embrace evil.

Pulled by the dark magic inside her, while tracked by Azriel, hunted by the destroyer angel, and pursued by the Prince of Greed, Anna must face her inner demons, as well as those hunting her. Will she succumb to the shadows and lose her soul to Lucifer? Or will her connection to Kincade be the saving grace she needs?

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