Get a Great Deal on The Matrimony Series by Cerise DeLand This Week

Matrimony! (3 book series)

WANTED: Matrimony!
Adverts for happily-ever-afters!

When finding a spouse becomes your most important task, what do you do?
You take an advertisement in our newspaper!

Young, older, widowed, lonely—ladies send their best descriptions of themselves to the Fleet StreetChronicle, hoping to attract the man of their dreams.

Rich, poor, titled, not—the gentlemen who advertise for a wife hope to discern among the posts one woman whom they will be proud to marry.

But can these men and women take their newly wedded spouse to their beds? To their hearts?
Ah. There’s the rub.

Now thru 11/23/23, get all three ebooks for just $3.98

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