Ghosted: An Adventurous Rom-com that has Viewers Divided

Romantic comedies have always been popular among moviegoers, and the latest addition to this genre is “Ghosted.” The latest movie from Apple TV+ stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. It’s been drawing a wide array of reactions both in reviews and on social media since its release on April 21st. While some viewers have praised it for its fun storyline, performances, and surprise cameos, others have been critical of the plot, dialogue, and lack of chemistry between the two lead actors. People either really like it or really don’t.

“Ghosted” follows the story of a young couple who meet randomly one day and fall in love. Cole Turner (Evans) is a farmer at a farmer’s market to sell his wares. We learn he came back to help with the farm some time ago when his father was injured and that he’d like to be elsewhere as a published author. He recently ended a relationship with his latest girlfriend.

Sadie Rhodes shows up one day at the farmer’s market, wanting to get a plant for her home even though she tells Cole she can be gone from her home for weeks or months at a time as an art curator. This leads into a debate meant (I think) to be a we-didn’t-like-each-other-at-first vibe. When Sadie leaves with the plant she selected, Cole at the behest of a couple of ladies he works at the market with, decides to chase her down and ask her out. The one lady said their sexual tension “was off the charts.”

The “meet cute” turns into a night of talking about everything, karaoke, and expressing personal desires. These scenes were actually very well done and romantic. The night ends, and the hero couple ends up in bed.

Cole goes home to his family to explain that he has met “the one.” His family is lovely played by Tate Donovan, Amy Sedaris, and Lizzie Broadway. I would have liked to spend more time with them. Even so, it was weird. His sister is obviously in her 20s and we’re supposed to believe Evans is her older brother. Did his parents have an “accident” early in high school? Seriously. It looks like they would have had to have him at 15 or 16.

Cole waits to hear from Sadie and his spirits drop as each day passes without a word from her. His sister suggests that he may have come across a little needy and she “ghosted” him. The ladies at the farmer’s market also dropped the hint that he was needy when asking about his recent breakup. You feel bad for the guy.

When he figures out a way to locate her using GPS and his mother suggests a grand romantic gesture, Cole is off to London to find the woman who stole his heart. Only she’d not exactly who he thought she was. Sadie is actually a spy for the CIA on a very dangerous mission and Cole has just stepped into the center of it.

The rest of the movie is a grand adventure with Sadie on her mission now trying to keep Cole alive as well. There are quirky villains and even quirkier allies along the way. It was fun and there are some laugh-out-loud moments that were very appreciated.

Ana de Armas did a good job with the action sequences and held the line with her role. Evans? It was hard to buy him as a farmer and dude-in-distress given the roles he normally takes in big action films. If you could muscle your way past that, he did a great job with the role and I liked his snarky comebacks in situations — even if his character did put himself in those situations. Along the way, they encounter dangerous people and impossible challenges across the world.

To say the movie has received mixed reviews since its release would be a massive understatement. Some reviewers have praised the chemistry between the two lead actors, noting that their performances were engaging and believable. They have also highlighted the humor and adventurous elements of the plot, which they say add to the overall charm of the movie.

Other reviewers have said there’s no chemistry between the two leads. They thought the story was poorly written and far-fetched. No matter which camp you’re in, “Ghosted” has managed to garner a significant following.

From a romantic point of view, the characters’ chemistry did work. The writers’ seemed afraid to trust the viewer to make up their own minds about what was going on. If a romance is plausible, you don’t need multiple characters to say “get a room” or to say that the sexual chemistry is “off the charts.” Show me, don’t tell me.

“Ghosted” may have divided viewers, but it is undoubtedly an adventurous rom-com that is worth watching at just under 2 hours. The PG-13 rating is just right. Yeah, there’s a lot of action and movie violence but it’s not the center of attention and is on the mild side. There’s something for rom-com fans, romantic adventurers, and those who enjoy a good love story. It just couldn’t decide which one of those it wanted to be. Available for streaming only on Apple TV+.

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