Hacking Writing on a Line Level with Cecilia Lyra

Date & Time: Dec 7, 2023 08:00 PM EST
No matter what genre you write in, knowing how to elevate your writing on a line level is an essential skill. But what does strong writing on a line level look like exactly? Are there rules and/or techniques that can help storytellers elevate their writing? And how can writers know if they’re improving this element of the craft? Join CeCe not just to unpack strong writing on a line level, but to learn how to *hack* it! This class will be jam packed with real-world examples of writing on a line level that work—and that don’t. All examples, all the time. And, of course, we’ll have time for a live Q&A session at the end. Be prepared to stay up late: this class will last for at least 3 hours. But don’t worry if you have to leave early or if you can’t attend live: the recording will be emailed to everyone who is registered 24hr later. Recordings will be available to the viewer for 60 days. Recordings will NOT be sold after the start of the event. Writers of all categories and genres are invited to attend.
Cost: $69 

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