Pretend? You’ve got to be kitten me.

Greyson is back in town after five years and is ready to take his career to the next level. When he goes out with some coworkers to celebrate his first day, he sees Jamison and all the feels from their time together come flooding back to him. Next things he knows they are going to a destination wedding together as dates which would be a lot easier if he didn’t long to still call him Daddy.

Jamison misses his boy. Even five years later he longs for their time together, but he wasn’t the Daddy Greyson needed. When Greyson ends up at the same bar as him things quickly escalate into a date in Vegas. Jamison sets his eyes on showing Greyson he has more to offer him and soon discovers that Greyson also has more to offer—his kitten side.

Can a pretend date rekindle what once was or better yet—can it become what they had both longed for all those years ago?

Happy Faking Plus One is a sweet with heat MM romance set in the world of Collared Ever After. It features a daddy who misses his boy, a kitten who has found himself and is ready for more than just a casual relationship, an ex who accidentally brought them back together, a destination wedding in Vegas, some minor ABDL, a set of furry cat ears, a whole lot of possessive rubbing, and a happily ever after. Happy Faking Plus One is the first book in the Faking It series of stand-alone romances that each have some crossover characters for fans of the Collared Ever After and Collared by Love series. If you enjoy your romance filled with true love, a sweet and caring Daddy, and an adorable boy who’s ready to let his daddy know exactly what he needs, download today.

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