Harlequin’s Afterglow Books: Spicing Up Romance Reading in 2024

Harlequin’s newest series, Afterglow Books, is set to dazzle romance readers with its unique blend of spicy stories and relatable character journeys. Launched in January 2024, this series targets the under-35 demographic, promising a mix of sizzling spice and swoon-worthy romance. Here’s a sneak peek into what this exciting line offers and the first titles released.

A Fresh Take on Romance

Afterglow Books is designed to capture the essence of life’s beautiful moments, focusing on characters from various backgrounds chasing their dreams and finding love. Senior Editor Stacy Boyd highlights the series’ dedication to realism and relatability, ensuring that readers see themselves in these character-driven narratives.

Each month, Afterglow will release two new titles, adding a regular dose of romance to readers’ lives.

First Titles to Look Out For

1. Frenemy Fix-Up by Yahrah St. John

  • Release Date: February 20, 2024
  • Synopsis: Accountant Colin Anderson seeks a lifestyle overhaul with the help of yoga studio owner Shay Davis. Their 90-day journey of transformation leads to unexpected feelings and a reevaluation of what’s truly ‘right’.
  • Buy Links: Harlequin, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, Apple Books, Goodreads

2. The Devil in Blue Jeans by Stacey Kennedy

  • Release Date: February 20, 2024
  • Synopsis: Charly Henwood, alongside her friends, takes over a Montana bar, clashing with former owner Jaxon Reed. Amidst their fiery exchanges, Charly finds herself irresistibly drawn to Jaxon, leading to a tumultuous romance.
  • Buy Links: Harlequin, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, Apple Books, Goodreads

Other Notable Titles:

  • The Boyfriend Subscription by Steven Salvatore (Mar 26, 2024): A queer twist on the classic ‘Pretty Woman’ story with an element of fake dating.
  • Manila Takes Manhattan by Carla de Guzman (Mar 26, 2024): A unique fish-out-of-water tale featuring Filipino celebrities in New York.
  • Out of Office by A.H. Cunningham (Apr 23, 2024): A romance that blooms during a vacation in Panama, promising passion and discovery.
  • Fake Flame by Adele Buck (Apr 23, 2024): A fiery romance between a firefighter and a professor wrapped in a fake dating scenario.

    Engaging with Afterglow

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    With Afterglow Books, Harlequin is poised to redefine contemporary romance, offering a diverse range of stories that resonate with modern readers. Get ready to indulge in these delightful tales of love, dreams, and spicy adventures!

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