Harlequin’s New Romance Imprint, Afterglow Books

Next year, Harlequin is introducing a fresh imprint to its collection, christened Afterglow Books. Slated for launch in January, this new imprint aims to captivate the hearts of contemporary romance readers. As per reports from Publishers Weekly, the imprint seeks to tap into the growing interest generated by the #spicytok content on TikTok.

Afterglow Books is conceptualized around the idea of the warmth and contentment that follows a treasured experience or milestone. The imprint’s Senior Editor, Stacy Boyd, explained that this glow is timeless and uplifting, mirroring the narrative of the characters in the imprint’s books. Each character embarks on a journey towards their own personal ‘afterglow’ – the fulfillment of a romantic relationship.

The plan is to release two new books every month in a trade format, with the price point approximately set at $12.99. Boyd emphasized that Afterglow Books’ focus is to offer readers novels that celebrate diversity, delve into the complexities of their characters, and provide unique spins on familiar romance themes and clichés.

The Senior Editor further shared that their stories will strike a chord of realism and relatability, enabling readers to see a reflection of themselves in the characters. These characters confront trials and face obstacles that readers could potentially encounter in their own lives, making the ‘afterglow’ all the more satisfying when they finally reach it.

Afterglow has unveiled the first four titles to be released in 2024. January will witness the release of two books: The (Fake) Dating Game, a rom-com by Timothy Janovsky, and The Bookbinder’s Guide to Love by Katherine Garbera, a spellbinding romance intertwined with elements of love, books, friendships, and surprising bonds. February’s releases will be Frenemy Fix-Up by Yahrah St. John, an enchanting romance featuring a yoga makeover, and The Devil in Blue Jeans by Stacey Kennedy, a captivating Western romance tale about an ambitious bar owner who strikes a deal with a charismatic cowboy.

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