Hero by Jamie Targaet

Jade — I came back to town because my grandmother passed away and she was the only family I had left. Grams never wanted me involved with the MCs, but I always knew my father was a member. That was all I knew about him. Now he’s the president of Hounds of Hell MC. Or, as it turns out, he could also be the president of their rival MC, the Cottonmouths. Hounds of Hell MC sent one of their men, Hero, to keep me safe until my parentage gets figured out. No one is telling me why that’s necessary. I should go back to Providence. But I’m done with grad school, and there’s really nothing for me back there. And Hero is one beefy, gorgeous temptation of a biker. Part of me wants to stay here, in the home where I grew up. Part of me just wants him.

Hero — When my prez gave me the babysitting assignment to keep an eye on the daughter he’s never known, I resented it. Until I got a look at her. Choosing me to protect her was the right call. The Cottonmouths took her from me once. No one is taking her away from me again — no matter who has to die. I don’t care who her father is. Jade is mine.

“A quick read at roughly 90 pages, Hero and Jade’s relationship goes from zero to sixty very quickly. I loved it. If you like stories that feature heartwarming romance and alpha bad boys with a heart of gold, then you will love Jamie Targaet’s Hero. This is supposed to be the first book in the Hounds of Hell motorcycle club series, so I’m excited to see what other members and prospects the author will feature in the future.”

— 4 Stars from Dicentra, Long and Short Reviews

“I always expect a great story from Jamie, wonderfully written romantic moments, but this plot – filled with betrayals and odd alliances and mysterious parentage – there’s a lot of moving parts and Jamie weaves them all together seamlessly. You’ll love this little escape from the real world, I certainly have.”

— 5 Stars from Todd & Erin Collard, Amazon Review

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