Hounds of Hell MC 3: Axel by Jamie Targaet

A Hounds of Hell MC romance.

Sadie — I finally found the courage to escape my abusive boyfriend, but I didn’t make it far. I’m holed up in a small Virginia town called Mercy. There will be no mercy for me if my ex finds me. Thanks to Axel, the gorgeous biker who towed my car to his garage, I have a place to stay and a job at the town’s greenhouse. I also have the hope that I might have a second chance at love one day, with Axel.

Axel — When I got called to tow a broken-down car to my garage, I found the beaten and battered angel who owns it on the run from the devil. Here in Mercy, with me, she’s healing and learning to live again. When her ex figures out Sadie’s here, even his Mafia ties can’t protect him from me. His entire mafia family can’t take back what’s mine and there’s going to be hell to pay when they try.

Axel is a member of the Hounds of Hell MC and you wouldn’t figure him to be a knight in shining armor. Sadie is on the run from her abusive ex and when her car needs a tow it’s Axel who shows up. Things couldn’t have worked out any better the day when Axel came to her rescue…until her ex come calling. It’s a page turner especially since her ex is part of the mafia and Axel isn’t about to let anything happen to Sadie.” – 5 Stars, Amazon Reviewer

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